"Democrats Full Steam Ahead with Deep State Coup against President Trump!"



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The Democrats, The CIA, The FBI, The Deep State, The Socialist Main Stream Media, The Globalist, The Online Socialist Media, along with the RINOs in the GOP are all against President Trump. His only support is the American people, & yes, the same American people that voted him in. I would say, "I hate to break this to you hateful progressives," but I'm excited to tell you the support for President Trump is growing every day especially because the Left can't help themselves with the insane attacks on the President, which leads back to the American people. 

Any other GOP member would have stepped down in the past, and that's why the Left keeps coming up with new tricks to remove President Trump. 

Both Rep. Rashida Tlaib and Rep. Maxine Waters have called for President Trump to be imprisoned. Tlaib publicly admitted to having conversations with Law Officials about how they would round up White House Officials when the time comes. They want to lockup the President because he is not going along with the Leftist agenda. They are still butthurt because they lost the 2016 election and see the same coming for the 2020 election. People keep asking for proof of the coup, and yet when it is presented, they are still unable to see it. When was the last time sitting members of Congress were communicating on how to imprison the sitting President of The United States? When?

What can we do? Call President Trump @ 202.456.1111 and tell him that we stand with him and to not give in to the Left.

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