Democrat Debate is Glance in a Possible Future for America

They opened with how they can remove President Trump with an impeachment inquiry simply because they hate him. They’ve been calling for him to be removed from office the night of Nov. 8, 2016. First, it started with them pushing the delegates to not vote based on what the American people voted for in their states. When that didn’t work, they started with the Russia collusion investigation. You know, the one they started in the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton. 

The Democrats openly say they are going to take our 2nd amendment rights away along with the 1st amendment rights, starting with President Trump’s Twitter account. If they are calling for President Trump to be silenced. Do you think for one minute that you wouldn’t be next? Oh wait; the Left has already been silencing Americans. And the only thing that has been done about it has been to generate a list of complaints.

Instead of suggesting that the American people should wait until you are married to have sex. They are convincing people to live a sinful lifestyle and abort the child to avoid any responsibility for their actions. Under the Obama administration, America was on a path to becoming a godless nation. But because of the blessings from our God, and through Pres. Trump, our country is back on the right track. MAGA accomplished, to KAGA vote Trump2020!