Adam Schiff and the Dems looking to cut the President

Adam Schiff and the Democrats are waiting until the Thanksgiving break is over to continue this charade. They are trying not to ruin their holidays with the fact that there’s nothing there. So, they’re giving themselves a false sense of thankfulness for what they have put this country through. They are saying they have enough to take down the president or at least get public approval for the up-and-coming 2020 election.

To talk about what we do know. Brings us to the question, on how many Democrats have you heard of paying the price for their crimes? The Democrats continuously say that no one is above the law and yet they are continually breaking laws. To give an example, Hillary Clinton deleting 30,000 plus emails & and damaging physical evidence, and according to the Democrats, she did nothing wrong. I know, I know everyone is asking why, bring up Hillary Clinton, as the Democrats always say she’s not the president. The point is that democrats or relentless, and these attacks are not going to end until Pres. Trump and conservatives get on the offensive.

We need to stop sitting on the sidelines and remaining silent while the left destroys our country right before our eyes. Many are looking for the physical fight, not because they want it, but because many feel there’s no other choice. We need to take the battle to the spiritual realm. That means for all of us to come together, United, and pray like never before for our country.